Saturday, May 5, 2007

Future Formula 1 Star

There are several second generation “Names” out there currently cutting their teeth in the various “feeder” series, with aspirations of Formula 1 “grandeur.”

Names such as Sennaa, Mansell, Piquet, Rosberg, Andretti, Rahal and Tambay are just a few of the luminaries setting their sights on the pinnacle of motorsport.

Lamenting the demise of the Red Bull young driver talent search, which brought us current American Formula 1 “Torch Bearer” Scott Speed. I’ve noticed that Linksheaven has its own adopted “Young Gun.”

Jean Michelle Cousteau, err Jan Michael Vincent. Nope, that’s NOT it… It’s John Michael Edwards, who currently competes in the Champ Car Atlantics for the Forsythe/Red Bull team. And best of all, I see that Messer Edwards has finally passed his Driving test!

Thus I’m happy to say that No Fenders has just named the very first recipient of the newly created “NiFStaR” (No Fenders STAR of Tomorrow) Driver) Trophy; Err Award... As we DON’T HAVE NO STINKIN’ BUDGET FOR ANY DAMN TROPHIES HERE AT NOFENDERZ!!!

And the award would have included a scholarship, but No Fenders is a “Schue-String” operation, hence there’s not enough in the Piggy Bank to pay for our selected candidate’s engine rebuilds. Let alone sponsor an entire race season.

So just who is the *NiFStaR* Trophy winner you ask? It’s none other than Marcus Wilkinson.

The 15 year old Mr. Wilkinson is a New York native whom is busy preparing for the upcoming season and will compete in Mini Indy League karts at Batavia International Motorsports Park. (BIMP) Where Marcus has just finished inspecting his leased mount as well as doing a track “walk about” during orientation. This was the prelude for the season’s impending “Kick Off” event.
With the upward progression to the faster Kart, Marcus begins his third season of racing, after having begun his career behind the wheel of his very first race car, a 1987 Microd.

And Marcus was quick out of the box, finishing second in his debut at Starlite Speedway in 2005. In his second season, Marcus won the 2006 Starlite Invitational Trophy as well as finishing 7th in the Tri County Championship.

NO Fenders eagerly await's Marcus’s first Mini Indy League karting victory as well as his continued success. Now I must scramble to have the Trophy created...

Good Luck!