Monday, May 7, 2007

Schuey sets Sail

After staying out of the media’s spotlight upon his forced retirement, seven times World Champion Michael Schumacher has been busy making the rounds lately.

After finishing playing golf in Abu Dhabi, Willi Weber called upon his ex-client to hand out the A1 GP Championship trophy hardware. Where Schuey presented the shiny “cup” to the fledgling teenager Nico Hulkenberg.

The “stunt” was totally unplanned and seems to have ruffled some feathers of those whom have been on Schumi’s “Dance Card” for several years.

Next Michael made a surprise visit to America Cup challenger New Zealand to go for a “Three Hour cruse.” It seems a little surprising that Herr Schumacher rode aboard the opposition to Ferrari’s native country +39 Italian challenger.

And although Mary Ellen and Ginger weren’t present, I’m happy to report that the “Kiwi’s” didn’t have Gilligan at the helm either as the Emirates backed yawth defeated the Italians.

Was Michael simply hoping to either get a lift or go for a “walk about” his Isle ‘O Schumi? Since I suspect that the man made Middle East donated island isn’t large enough for Michael’s G5!

Yet I’m happy to report that Schuey & Co. safely returned to port…