Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WindsorSpeak: USF1 going to the Barber

Otay this is a little bit late, especially since THE ‘DAWG has stole my thunder once again. Hmm? Perhaps I’ve been too busy laughing while watching that edgy video he included in his Pete Windsor piece that I swear looks a whole lot like something outta Animal House, but I digress…

Thus, as pressdog has dually noted, the House ‘O Windsor has once again cranked up his Dry Ice machine and chortled Smoke On! By proclaiming that not only will USF1 have a racecar this year, they’ll publicly debut it by touring Jeffie of My Name is IRL’s most favourite new Indy Car haunt: Barber Motorsports Park, (BMR) Y’all know down in Sweet Home Alabama…

USF1 Car to Debut at Barber in February

Of course this isn’t without the usual WindsorSpeak Spin: YAWN! As ‘Pete has gotten ahead of himself by announcing the Team’s intentions on no less than Formula, the Official Formula One website; prior to all of the ink drying upon the various contracts… Not to mention we’re still waitin’ to hear who the Drivers will be? But in Pete’s defense, notice that he says that it was the FIA who nominated the Barber venue, not to be cornfused with Barber’s chair, eh?

Alabama debut for US team’s first car

So don’t fret too much, as it’s gonna be alright! As yes-sir-ree Ray, Jay, Al, you can call me Bob… As Messer Pete claims that any day now, there’ll be a RALLY-RALLY-RALLY-BIG Announcement on just whom indeedie is gonna be their Drivers; can you say Lopez ‘N Rossiter?

But I do think that indeed there will really be a USF1 Team on the grid at Bahrain, even if in namesake only, while I’m looking forward to Declen eating his whale sautéed Koala Hat this spring!