Friday, January 8, 2010

If Versus was Smart…

They’d have already inked a deal to air “Canned” versions of this year’s upcoming World Rally Championship (WRC) and be pluggin’ the HELL outta it during its daily airings of DAKAR highlights… As this is the perfect opportunity for Versus to capture a portion of SPEED TV’s viewership, albeit a most likely small portion… But nevertheless, with the advent of the REAL Iceman, nee Kimi Räikkönen, Err the “Kimsters” arrival in the WRC, having taken his “Oomphlat’s” with him to go ‘N play in the Dirt while possibly waiting for Mark Webber’s F1 contract to expire… Now comes word that American Ken Block will make series history by becoming the very first American to ever contest an entire WRC season aboard a Factory-backed Ford Fiesta Rally Car.

Ken Block sees bright rally future with Ford

Block, who’s previously been some ‘KRAZY CAT named Travis Pastrana’s teammate in Rally America, albeit in the Subaru “Works” Team, has interestingly failed to dethrone 4-time consecutive Champion Pastrana and now will seek to defeat Travis, while also running a Ford Fiesta in the Rally America series this year…

Thus with a little smarts by the Ford Motor company, (can you say Greenbacks?) along with some savvy marketing ‘HYPE from Versus, who knows, they could run WRC in a 90min format a la SPEED and cultivate a “Cult” following to their ‘lil ‘Ol television channel… I mean its not exactly like they’ve gotta worry ‘bout the TV Ratings, eh? And just think of how this would keep all of uze deprived IndyCar fans attracted to their channel whilst awaiting the long winter break, eh?

Just a thought…

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