Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tony Cotman heads to Brazil and other venues

In another sign of cost cutting at the Indy Car Series, respected Steward Tony Cotman has left his full time gig in order to become a Consultant, with a 17 weekend gig as the Indy Lights Chief Steward, while setting out on his own and forming his new Race track design company NZR Consulting. As I’ll let y’all figure that one out, albeit Tony is a ‘Kiwi…

Thus Cotman’s first order of new business is to oversee the design of the hugely anticipated inaugural Streets ‘O Sao Paolo before moving onto other Street circuit designs, as you can check out the video of Sao Paolo here: Brazil Track video

And Hey IndyCar… What’s wrong with Portland? As in it’s already built… Yuhs know we’ll come if you bring a race there…

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