Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time to launch the Formula 1 Balloons

Err, its time to begin the traditional new season F1 Car launches, as news continues leaking out selectively over various Constructors plans.

January 25
So we’re back to the Good ‘Ol Dazes of the Schumacher era, as BRAWN GP, Err Mercedes GP was first outta the box to launch its much anticipated 2010 Formula 1 Challenger in its return of the Silver Arrows as we anxiously await the chassis’s nomenclature, before turning our attention to what Herr Schumacher’s helmet will look like?

F1 Car Launch: Mercedes GP

January 28
The Prancing Horse will play second fiddle to Der TERMINATOR’S return by launching its 2010 Challenger today, just three days after Mercedes GP at Maranello, which will most likely be followed by a brief Shakedown run around its Fiorano Test Track(?) before joining the others in Valencia.

January 29
McLaren will unveil its new MP4-25 replete with the No. 1 & No. 2 plates firmly affixed upon its front nose, with the last two year’s World Champions Jenson Button & Lewis Hamilton on hand, while the ‘Ronster lurks in the shadows during the Woking PR blitz which will take part live Online McLaren’s website, when debuting at Vodafone’s London HQ.

You can catch the launch live on McLaren’s Official website at 1100 local time… Which I believe is sometime in the wee early morning hours over here, eh?

January 31 - February 1
Reportedly four rival Constructors will unveil their new Racecar’s at Valencia, a day ahead of the first official Test session. Breaking cover there will be Renault, with its new R30 chassis. Sauber will unveil its C29 while Scuderia Toro Rosso will show off its very first own designed STR-5, with Williams debuting its FW32 before the quartet joins others in testing from Feb. 1-3; as both the “Reggie” ‘N Williams have fired their V-8 lumps in anticipation of Shakedown runs in Valencia just some mere 4 Days away…

February 10
Red Bull has now confirmed that its latest Adrian Newey designed Formula 1 Challenger, the RB6 will be unveiled at Jerez on the Wednesday of the FIA’s second Test session. No word on whether or not they’ll run a 2010 “Mule” during the prior testing days?

February 12
Lotus will debut its return to Grand Prix racing, albeit in namesake only as the Malaysian backed Mike Gascoyne penned chassis is clearly not a derivative of the late Colin Chapman era; while its expected that the other three “Newbies” (Campos Meta, USF1 & Virgin) will all break cover in this same time period in order to potentially show up for the final F1 Pre-season test on Feb. 25-28 in Barcelona, although speculation now suggests that Campos Meta may miss the entire Testing period?

Meanwhile Force India is reportedly angling for also launching their new VJM-03 on Februray 12th, so stay tuned and see if you can follow the bouncing ball, eh? As reportedly there are now some “live” pics of US F1’s first completed Monocoque of its vaunted Type 1 chassis circulating the either… So check it out!