Friday, January 15, 2010

Will USF1 Team make the Grid?

This past Sunday the Speed Freaks busted loose upon the US F1 Team’s woeful state of affairs, even going so far as to call it S.U. F1 Team; YOUCH! As Kenny Sergeant went off on how can they be called an U.S. Team if they’ve got a Foreign Owner and Foreign Drivers, along with a Foreign Base of Operations…

While the Stat Mann chimed in with the comments of how they’ve already missed 1 practice session (Dec. 1-3, 2009 Young Drivers Test; Jerez, Spain) along with having a British Owner and being a British Team...

And Crash said I don’t get it, as we’ve got plenty of Young Americans; like Conor Daly, Josef Newgarden and John Edwards to name a few.

As the Freaks made light of the fact that USF1 was gonna give it a Whirl at the ‘Barber’s, Err Barber Motorsports Park sometime in February – as I’ll admit: USF1 has done little to impress any of us to date, as The Sarge noted that his 1954 house’s bathroom has more High Technology gadgets in it then revealed upon Professor Steve Matchett’s exclusive ‘Walkabout on his RPM finale.

So let’s take a look at the facts, shall we? As in the FIA has given USF1 special dispensation to test Stateside before flying Across the Pond to join the rest of the F1 Circus, which makes sense to me, especially if the chassis is behind completion.

But to be fair NONE of the current thirteen Constructor’s cars have broken cover to date, with their respective Challengers turning wheels for the first time on Feb 1-3 at Valencia; while let’s NOT overlook the fact that there was something known as the FOTA-MAD MAX Mosley War occurring this summer, as we didn’t even know if there would be a series this year or not, which undoubtedly cut sizably into the New Teams design times.

Yet nobody seems to be making a stink over the fact that Virgin Racing will debut at Silverstone, with no word on Campos Meta, while Lotus’s new car won’t be unveiled until February 12th in London, before shakedown testing at Silverstone.

And we know the USF1 Team’s HQ, Design Office and Factory is based in the ex-Hall of Fame RASSCAR Shop down south in Charlotte, NC, while its European base of operations will be housed at Motorland Aragon Park in AlcaƱiz, Spain, which makes sense, especially with half of the racing season taking place in Europe, not to mention the two Spanish rounds.

Regarding the Squad’s missing of the December Young Driver’s Test; NONE of the four New Teams took part in this, as it was basically an excuse for the current Constructors to receive a little more test time, albeit in their 2009``racecar’s, which Team’s then simulated the increased Fuel loads required for 2010.

And while I agree its disappointing that most likely NO American Driver’s will be behind the keyboards in 2010, which was a large premise of the Team’s philosophy, it seems fairly understandable in Today’s economy, I mean HELL! Even Ryan Hunter-Reay, IZOD’s Poster boy can net a Fulltime drive in the Indy Car Series!

American Idols: F1 Style

Crash pointed out a few Up “n Comers, having left out J.R. Hildebrand, Alexander Rossi and US F1 Team “golden Boy” Jonathan Summerton; while there was NO mention of the fact that reputedly another of the New Teams Campos Meta 1 is having huge difficulties in wooing any Spanish Backers after having inked the legendary name of Senna as part of its Driver line-up, albeit being Ayrton’s nephew Bruno.

Nor the fact that Pedro De la Rosa, like other notable talent is being forced to bring suitcases ‘O Moohlah in order to secure a Formula One ride, as Nick Heidfeld and others scurry to find any available Dinero in order to gain one of the few remaining seats in F1.

But the Team does have Bernie Ferguson onboard as its Cosworth liaison, which should give the team a lift, since he previously worked for Kevin Kalkoven & Jerry Forsythe’s Company, nee Cosworth Engineering…

Yet I’ll admit that USF1’s website is less then stellar, with the House ‘O Windsor providing comedic relief with his vaunted Driver lists, but hey Kenny, the last time I checked, Ken Anderson is a U.S. Citizen, and they do have Chad Hurley’s checkbook to drain, so I think its gonna be alright…

Although I do indeed hope they carry their banner high and don’t flop, since they are after all representing the Stars ‘N Stripes I suppose. But let’s wait ‘N see what really happens, eh? As I wouldn’t find it overly surprising to see Jonathan Summerton named as Test/Reserve Driver while contesting the 2010 F2 Championship in preparations for a future seat fitting…