Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Windsor joins Blogger Brigade

According to THE ‘DAWG, Y’all know the zany Blogger from the state of that ‘utter white meat… Pressdog; who’s noted that the House ‘O Windsor, a.k.a. Peter Windsor, or in some circles now known as Pete Windsor… The vaunted Sporting Director of that ‘lil Formula 1 squad now under the guise of US F1 Team, has joined the realm of the Blogosphere with his first two entries on the newly launched USF1 website… Yeah they’ve finally put some content on the site, which you can puruse at:
So check it out, if so inclined… And let us know what you think of Pete’s new Endeavour; you know – scribblin’ stories when he’s not too busy hawkin’ toasters… Now all they need to do is clear up what their name really is, eh? Team USF1, USgpe or US F1 Team?