Friday, January 29, 2010

F1: 2010 launch - McLaren

(McLaren MP4-25; Source: F1

Having decided to not arise at Oh-DARK 30 in order to attempt watching the live sheet pulling exercise in Newberry, nor go outside to view the Full Moon… (Was that the ‘Ronster I heard abarkin?) Nevertheless, McLaren did launch its 2010 challenger the MP4-25 today, while I’m certain that ‘JENSE ‘N ‘JAGUAR (Button & Hamilton) along with Messer Whitmarsh said all of the repository “Right Things,” eh? Can you say PR-Speak?

No word on whether or not today’s launch date was chosen to coincide with the extra luminous Full Moon… Or if it had any effects upon the Team, as it apparently was a “Wide-track” Moon; as in wider is better, eh?

2010 Car launch: McLaren MP4-25

McLaren MP4-25 in pictures