Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Desert Car Auctions perturb Mother Earth

“Semi-Official Barret-Jackson Auction Pace-vehicle…”

So that contraption above may look somewhat familiar? As I believe it also saw duty at the Twenty-oh-Seven I500… Nah, it’s actually an Amphicar which I’ve scribbled ‘bout before in: Indy’s Newest Pace Car?

Whale (Thar She blows… R-R-R!) initially I’d hoped to have been attending my second Barrett-Jackson Hyper-fest Car Auction last week in the Valley of the Sun… Which fortunately I missed, as in case you didn’t know; there was a Humdinger of a Storm cell that blanketed Arizona & California. Thus, I missed the monstrous deluge of wet stuff that blanketed the Southwest, eh?

And perhaps since I wasn’t there, this is why I had very little enthusiasm to watch the 396hrs of live TV coverage on SPEED, or was it something to do with the excessive amounts ‘O Moohlah being whimsically discarded while others were perishing in Haiti…

Thus I can only deduce that Mother Earth was sending all of those would-be Car Collectors & Auctioneering Companies a potential message by unleashing itself upon the Scottsdale area, when it reeked its harshest havoc on Thursday when its Gale-force winds caused some major damage to Russo & Steele’s Auction.

Russo & Steele's auto auction gets major air

Now don’t misinterpret me here, as I certainly am glad that nobody was injured and feel somewhat sorry for the multiple automobile Owners who suffered damage to their vehicles… Butt I just wasn’t impressed that there seemed to be so little attention given to the plight of Haiti.

And it seems a little embarrassing that the OTHER Charities garnered more attention along with their respective vehicles grabbing higher donations, Err Auction prices… As C’mon Chrysler, Ford, GM & Toyota; you four major Auto manufacturers couldn’t come up with some special vehicles to promote relief to Haiti? As I only caught one vehicle being auctioned off for Haitian Relief by GM, which I think was for the American Red Cross and netted a final sales price of $200,000 in the final hour of “Super Saturday” nites action… So, perhaps the other Car Companies stepped in? But I still think they could have done a special commemorative vehicle and gotten more then a paltry $200k, eh?

And since Barrett-Jackson is primarily a Muscle-car-athon between what was once the Big 3 I suppose Toy-yoter is excused, although they coulda done some sorta cool Prototype vehicle which would have been a first...

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