Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coyne goes Scouting

Whale the Big ICS Telecon was held this past Monday where Dale Coyne coyly announced that his team is intending to run cars in 2010; yeah that’s right Bob, (Jenkins) that was plural as in a two car operation

Taking the day’s limelight as Top Banana was new Tittle Sponsor: Boy Scouts of America, who’ll be the primary patron of Coyne’s second entry, the No. 19 chassis.

Meanwhile the No. 18 will remain the Z-Lines Design chassis, which was Justin ‘BIG UNIT Wilson’s mount last year and presumably this season too? As we’ll aveda wait until later this month to find out who Coyne’s Driver Duo will be?

Could J.R. Hildebrand have a ride here? But whoever it is, hopefully they’ll bother to respray the Semi-hauler and put his name where Bruno Junqueira’s is…