Monday, January 11, 2010

SAAB’s Genie in a bottle?

So I found the recent news regarding one of GM’s SAAB bidders to be most intriguing… Even if it smacks of a most alarming Conflict of Interest to my thinking, when it was divulged that ‘Uncle Bernaughty & ‘Genii Capital were in cahoots in an attempt to purchase the forlorn Saab Automotive Company! As in a one Mr. Bernard Ecclestone & Gerard Lopez were hoping to scoop-up the Swedish Auto manufacturer for a song from ‘GOV’t MOTORS, Err General Motors, once the world’s Numero Uno Automobile producer, but I digress.

Reportedly GM, who’s (pathetically) tried divesting itself of its brands Hummer,Saturn and Vauxhall/ Opel along with killing off the Pontiac nameplate, initially spurned Dutch carmaker Spyker’s bid. Remember them? They were the parent company of that minnow-esqe Dutch orange Formula 1 Team that evolved into Force India… While GM balked on Spyker’s bid since their backing was to come from the “Rooskies!” As GM had also nixed its sale of Vauxhall/Opel to Canada’s Magna Group who was in bed with Smirbank of you guessed it! Mother Russia…

Yet GM thus extended the bidding window to last Thursday in order to quietly consider three/four potential offers for SAAB (depending on various news agencies) from Emperor Bernardo/G. Lopez, Spyker and other undivulged entities, albeit Alix Partners has been hired by GM in order to wind-down their much unloved Redheaded Step-child.

Bernie Ecclestone revs up for one final joyride

.and don’t get me wrong, as I think it would be great if SAAB was rescued, even better yet if by Bernie ‘N the Genie, since this could potentially lead to the Quirky Carmaker’s renaissance by Badge Engineering the Swede’s nameplate into F1 in the near future; say 2013 or so when Renault pulls the plug?

BUTT! If I were David Richards I think I’d be a little peeved about the cozy relationship Emperor Bernardo has cultivated for his personal gain while leaving the Englishman frozen outta the F1 landscape.

Then again perhaps Uncle Bernaughty could install the HMS Monogram (Flavio Briatore) as SAAB’s new CEO, since after all he’s a Free Agent once again, eh?