Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Unser’s, Tagliani and Howard on Autosport Radio tonight

In case you weren’t able to take part in last night’s Gala Indy Car Driver-fest benefitting the IRL Ministries, then you’ll wanna check out Don Kay’s Autosport Radio webcast live tonight around 3:45PM PACIFIC; when Don’s slated guest line-up includes: ‘Little Al (Al Unser Jr.) and son ‘Just Al, (Al Unser III) ‘TAG (Alex Tagliani) and batting clean-up; Jay “Funnyman” Howard.

Thus, it’ll be fun to hear what both of the Unser’s have been up to, as ‘Lil Al now works for the IRL, while possibly ‘JUST AL still harbours ambitions of racing in the Big Show, nee the Indy 500 one day. Following the Unser’s will be ‘TAG whose always good for a laugh along with Jay Howard, who’ll most likely dip once again in to his bag ‘O dry British wit…

Autosport Radio Show

The Show starts EARLIER than normal tonight around 3:45PM PACIFIC in order to fit everybody onto the Broadcast. And if you miss it you can always go to the Show Archive session...