Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Terre Haute Trio

This is the type of feel good story that makes you want to immediately get involved with the project, as the amount of positive energy soothing out of my ‘lil confuzers pocket sized speakers was overwhelming…

Yet, how often do you hear about race tracks getting saved from the grim reaper? As Dave King has convinced Brian Dorsett and Davey Hamilton to partner him in an effort to bring an ‘Ol Dirt Track back to prominence and I only learned about this via Don Kay’s interview on his Autosport Radio show, where he cleverly billed his week’s guests as the Terre Haute Trio. After explaining who they were, Don let two thirds of the triumberant run rough shod over his program as Dave and Bryan explained what their vision was for the Terre Haute Action Track, while unfortunately the third hombre Davey Hamilton was tied up in a meeting. You may wish to check out this interview with Dave King; Terre Haute Action Track Special. As I wish them all the best with their new Endeavour. Hell makes me want to check out this race track and I’m NOT even a Sprint Car fan…

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