Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Champ Car returns to Portland

While it’s old news that Champ Car has indeed retained the Portland race venue for its 2008 season, what I failed to mention was that it seemed that the race was kept for a few reasons. First being the 25th Anniversary for Champ Car competition at the race track and secondly for the fact that 2009 will be the 100th Anniversary of the very first Champ Car race. Actually the race was part of the forbearer to what would ultimately become Champ Car. (For 2008 at least)
In 1909 -- in Portland -- Howard Covey drove a Cadillac to victory in the first race of what was then called the U.S. National Championship Series, a forebear of the United States Auto Club series and later Champ Car.

And perhaps you’ve read the tantalizing report penned by Robin Miller claiming that Indy Car’s ‘lil Napoleon, err Tony George made a offer to unify the two warring entities for 2008 prior to this past Christmas, of which was turned down by Champ Car management. As the story was further expounded upon by the Indy Star’s Kurt Cabin.

Hmm? Perhaps this is why I haven’t gotten my yearly ticket renewal for Portland which is always due before Christmas, eh?

While the (token) offer seemed reasonable for once, sadly it appeard that the Pacific Northwest would loose their sole remaining event, while Portland International Raceway would loose their final remaining marquee event.

And call me nostalgic; or Ray, Jay, Dan, Stan, but NOT Tony as I don’t mean to be coy Roy, ‘cause yuhz just gott’s tuh listen to me…but I think it would be a travesty for Open Wheel racing to not commemorate this historic milestone in favour of a pro-Indy Car biased schedule, nee Ovals, as we’ve already got way too DAMN many ‘O Dose… In something known as Roundy-round!

While I agree that unification is needed immediately, it surely will be a Takeover, NOT a Merger for all practical reasons and I shudder at the thought that the closest Open Wheel race available will be the Sears Point event. Yeah, I know its Infineon Raceway, but it will always be Sears Point to me!