Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wimpey gets his way, FINALLY!

I promise you, I’ll gladly repay you Thursday for a “unified” Open Wheel Racing series today!
Well, it’s finally happened, as the cannon fodder seems to have ceased…
As Tony George stands victorious after outlasting his rivals at the Good Shipp Chump Carzs, as the padlocks were placed upon the CCWS HQ in Northern Indianapolis Friday afternoon.

Reportedly the Brinks armoured trucks are said to be making a plethora of scheduled stops in the outlying Indianapolis region this weekend, where several Champ Car teams are located…

Although it pains me to think that the smaller fish in the Champ Car aquarium have been throwing good money down the crapper the past three weeks, as Derrick Walker claimed he was burning up $100k per week while waiting for something to happen on last Sunday’s Speed Report, hopefully Tony George’s doling out of Dallara chassis, Honda lumps and $1.2 million (per car entered) will help lessen the monetary blow they’ve been forced to endure.

According to Kurt Cabin of the Indy Star, Tony G’s right hand man Brian Barnhart has been busy checking his list twice; to see who’ll be naughty or nice? (Cheep ‘N Roger: Nice, Super Tex: Naughty, definitely Naughty!) As Bryan has been checking to find out which IRL owners will play ball by taking a (straw) poll with all of the current IRL fraternity to see just how many spare Dallara/Honda’s are currently available, claiming there’s a fleet of 60 cars in various state of repair, with his boss’s team having ten on hand…

And instead of trying to rehash what the Open Wheel pundits are saying, (Robin Miller and Curt Cabin) I’ll simply defer to the Indy star whose already done the heavy lifting on yesterday’s Really Big announcement; US Open Wheel Racing will now have one series

And does this TAKEOVER, Err, Merger mean that Gene “I AM INDY” Simonize will be making future cameo appearances as the series top pitchman… Or can somebody put a fork into him, eh?

Now, “Somebody give me a Cheeseburger!”