Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Is today the day?

I’ve seen multiple reports on le Blogosphere indicating that today is the day indeed that we’ll have a REALLY- REALLY- REALLY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT regarding the much ballyhooed consolidation of Open Wheel Racing, although there still seems to be an ridiculous air of plausible deniability from the Champ Car’s Northern Indiana HQ, See;
Champ owner sees few teams in IRL

Of course, let’s consider the source of this protagonist, as it’s none other than Paul Gentilozzi, who’s the “Goofy” of the Four Moosketeers Kalkhoven and Forsythe have been letting run Champ Car into the weeds according to Robin Miller.

So stay tuned, keep ‘dem rabbit ears pointed towards the SPEED channel. Gotta run, the Bat phone’s ringing… Apparently Kevin Kalkhoven wanted to know what Robin Miller’s number was.

And it’ll be interesting to hear what the OWR Wanderer has to say tonight on Autosport Radio…