Friday, February 1, 2008

Open Wheel double speak

While listening to a very fragmented Autosport - Radio show via the internets two weeks ago, can you say win-DOUGH’s media player? (Nee, technical difficulties) To which I had the pleasure of removing and re-installing twice in order to resume connections, but I digress…

Listening to the program I was reminded of how the CART-INDY Split is indeed NOT Dead! As Adam Andretti seemed to make a verbal swipe by commenting how the Indy Car series was the best and ONLY alternative for Open Wheel racing due to its connection with the Speedway.

I failed to mention that it appears there’s another chapter of the Andretti-Unser Family Feud on the horizon, perhaps? As Johnny Unser has just been named Race Director of Cooper Tires Presents the Champ Car Atlantic Championship Powered by Mazda, “Guh-Zoom Zoom-tite!

There’s only “Juan” small problem with Unser’s appointment, he’s never been a race director before, yet he’s an accomplished racer who should definitely know the majority of tricks up driver’s sleeves.

Yet the appointment comes on the heels of not only Tony Cottman’s resignation, but the long serving Race Director of the Atlantics has also left the “Good Ship Chump Carzs.” And I’m still wondering whom the four Mooseketeer’s will anoint as Champ Cars newest race director, since I believe they have a champ-peon-ship to run this year…