Friday, February 8, 2008

Bachelart bleu

As previously noted, after making the most of his first outing aboard a Champ Car, Conquest Racing team owner Eric bachelart has hired Champ Car Atlantics standout Franck Perera as one of his drivers for the upcoming season. The second seat is rumoured to be up for grabs between Simon Pagenaud and Nelson Philippe, although Pagenaud tested for Conquest at the just concluded Sebring test and most likely has the inside track as the team co-owned by Opes Prime Limited, a Australian entity looks set to become loosely known as Team France.

It would be nice to see Pagenaud end up with the ride since it would be a farce if the original Champ Car Atlantics champion was bounced out of Open Wheel racing after just one season, showing that the $2 million prize check didn’t account for much, if he couldn’t stick around.

And of course, Bachelart is a little perturbed, having just ordered a brand new Panoz DP01 for the upcoming season, upon receiving the news that The Split may be over?