Friday, February 1, 2008

Autosport twister

Holy Tornadoes Batman! So, once again I was tuning into the Autosport Radio show via the internets when the most amazing thing happened… As Don Kay was temporarily knocked off the air as a Tornado swept directly over Mc Gilvery's Pub & Eatery-Mc Gilvery's Pub ‘N Eatery, (Uh, looks like the twister also struck while I was writing this, eh?) knocking out several windows and other bits ‘N pieces of the establishment! And it happened right in the middle of Don’s interview with Jarrod Krisiloff, which made it even more dramatic as they run a live feed, which means you got to hear everybody hitting the deck as well as hearing every bodies comments afterwards; hearing one patron exclaim he’d gotten beer spilled all over his shirt as there was about 15 minutes of commotion while they reconnected the bar’s sound system so the show could resume.

And I was impressed that they were able to continue streaming the show an extra half hour in order to squeeze in his second guest, known for his over the top gift ‘O gab, err blarney… None other than “Derr-wreck Daily,” as perhaps I’m a little too harsh on the Irishman, but his on-air antics exuding his greatness as a racecar driver have simply been over the top and extremely annoying to me, having once told AJ Almendinger’s grandmother to put down the whiskey bottle! Then again he did manage to become a Formula 1 and CART driver…

Yet Daly did manage to make a good opening quip about the amazing reception line awaiting him as he entered the parking lot, as there were fire trucks, coppers, shards of glass, etc awaiting his arrival.

Derek was there mostly to promote his brand new book he’s just finished writing and is set to show up on bookshelves this week, title; Race to Win, which took him five years to complete.

And it was funny how Daly kept making examples of how excellent Michael Schumacher was as a racecar driver, as Mr. Kay has professed to not being a Formula 1 fan. So it was very entertaining to hear Derek tell Don it was TOTAL CRAP to his rumour mongering ‘bout Herr Schumacher planning to compete in the upcoming MOTO GP event at the Speedway…

Daly talked about his various business interests, as he explained briefly about what Motor-vation was; a motivational seminar he gives to corporations aspiring to improve their business. He also talked about his new passion of helping design racing circuits, pertaining to road courses, as he’s currently involved with the Prairie Hills Motorsports Club.

Daly also briefly discussed how he’s helping his son Connor attempt to climb the motor racing ladder, as well as spinning a quick yarn about how he got somebody named Mario (Andretti) intrigued enough in his book to write the forward for him, as Daly quipped; “You don’t write racing books to make money…”