Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Florida breeze

So did everybody catch the official consolidation press conference today at Homestead, Florida? Wasn’t it great to see those two goofy bastardo’s shakin’ hands while all of the popperatzi’s flashbulbs flashed. And speaking ‘O flash, where’s Danica…

But seriously, when’s the last time that SPEED interrupted regular broadcasting to feature a live news conference about something pertaining to other than RASSCAR!

Did we learn anything from this Dog ‘N Pony show? NOT Really, although its now confirmed that Long Beach and Motegi will run on the same weekend, but what’s this silly quip about some of the IRL’s drivers showing up to race in Long Beach? Does Marty Roth have an early flight back upon his early race retirement?

Otherwise I don’t think we really got any solid answers, like; what will Kevin K’s and Gerald Forsythe’s rolls eventually be in the long term, or when do we quit having to see Kalkhoven’s smiley face persona on the TV! And just who does get the new Dallara’s and full lease Honda engine packages this May…

OOPS! Gotta run, it’s time for the Sarah Fisher announcement, which will be followed up by the Helio “Dancin’ Fool” & Princess gala with reportedly some on track festivities later this evening…


  1. Glad to see the series back as one....hopefully the vrooming will be much improved! And where was Danica?

  2. Yes, Enquiring Minds want to know... I think she was at the Sarah Fisher press conference hangin' out with Lyn St James and Janet Gunthrie, NOT!