Saturday, February 16, 2008

Love stinks, yeah-yeah

While Tony’s away in Jolly ‘Ol England witnessing the nuptial of the Cheepster’s Scott Dixon, I spotted the following video while surfing the net for any further media leaks upon the OWR situation. And I found it pretty funny to notice that Dan “Spike” Wheldon has cut the following video. You know, he’s the guy who once courted Nicole Manske when she was a blonde.

Yet, apparently it wasn’t all roses ‘N chocolates for the Ronster, as apparently He and Mrs. Dennis have filed for divorce after a partnership of 22 years. Perhaps Stepney-gate wasn’t the only spy scandal going on in Woking?

Meanwhile, Booby Ruble and Scott Sharp obviously weren’t sending each other any Valentine’s cards, as Rahal has won a judge’s preliminary ruling that Sharp indeed breached his contract by leaving RLR in order to jump ship to the American Le Man Series. But the judge told Rahal not to get too excited as he wouldn’t grant him his request to bar Sharp from driving in 2008…