Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Merger Fever

Otay, so I know I’m NOT supposed to be following RASSCAR!!! But hey, when you’re checking’ the media daily for stories to report about, or turning on the RASSCAR Shopin’ Network; nee, the SPEED channel, It’s just about impossible to escape the continuous hyping the virtues ‘O Nexxtell Cup. Or is it Sprint-Nextel, Singular/AT & T or Cyalus/Viagra Cup?

I mean HELL! There were even silly stories about the Hamburgular (Sebastian Bourdais) racing in France Cup last year, prior to his departure Across the Pond. Perhaps this is why I found it entertaining to read about the Merger fever that’s been sweeping the Roundy Round Nation. With Jack Roush starting the impetus towards mega deals, when the “Cat in the Hat” sold 50% of his racing empire to John Henry, with Henry forking out $62 million in order to get into the premiere North Americana racing league,

Interestingly Roush was rated as the most valued team at: $317m, while 2007 Rextel Cup champions Hendrix Motorsports were ranked No. 2 at: $297m according to USA Today, while its estimated that a single car entry into RASSCAR will set you back approximately $30-40 million!

Following John Henry’s lead, professional sports owner George Gillette decided to buy into Ray Evernham’s Dodge racing team, thus making way for fellow Canadian driver “Pat the Carpenter” (Carpentier) to get a full time Cup ride for 2008 alongside Casey Kahne and Elliot Sadler.

Then Newman Haas Lanigan Racing was all set to join the party with their proposed takeover, err, merger of Robert Yates Racing. But apparently the deal fell thru as Roush Fenway Racing has now gobbled up the beleaguered Yeats/Ford operation in order to beat them impending Rextell Cup rule allowing a team owner to only have four Sprint Cup teams. With Jack Roush currently the largest owner with five entities, look for Yates Racing to become their satellite organization with potentially three Cup entries being co-housed on the massive Roush Fenway grounds. Although after a surprise visit by the Sprint Cup goons, Roushie was given the all clear towards these two organizations being independent. Psst! Hey, buddy, wanna buy some waterfront property in Arizona?

And it looks like the Open Wheel Fav Five will have duh race dare way into the Day-toner 5000… Yikes! I must have finally caught the flu bug, as I’ve just realized that I’m blathering on ‘bout RASSCAR. SHEISA!!!