Friday, February 22, 2008

Dinner at Bernie’s

Apparently crack Motorsports reporter Derrick Daly was dining at the Eagle's Nest, a restaurant atop the Downtown Hyatt Regency. (Where only the Eagles soar, Err, apparently they’ll let anybody dine there, eh?) Last evening and was seated next to one of the hottest couples currently in Indianapolis. Thus, Daly recanted the story later that evening on the local KTEL affiliate’s 11PM newscast. Yes, that’s right Jerry, I was seated right next to the couple. Can you tell us what they had for dinner Derrick?

Well for starters, they both had the Genilozzi chowder, while it looked like Tony had Netherlands crab cakes bis with a Zolder fondue, while Kevin had Long Beach jubilee.

Then for the first course Tony had the stuffed Toronto pheasant, while Kevin had leg ‘O Petitt, or was that the Tokyo sushi as apparently he couldn’t make up his mind.

For the main course Kevin ordered the Fillet Motegi, with the steamed CCWS asparagus smothered in a rich Road America cheese sauce. Tony had the Brickyard special, with the 33 prawns, Champ Car tar tar (well done) and a tossed Panoz salad with the Newman’s finest on top of it.

And did they have anything to drink with their meal Derrick? Yes, the maitre d recommended them a Chateau Portland Rose Cup sauvignon, of which I believe Kevin selected a bottle circa 1993.

What were the two men talking about Derrick? Well Jerry they kept their backs turned to me, but I think it was something to do with motor racing…

And for desert Derrick? Kevin had the cooked Spanish ice cream a la mode, while Tony had the Cosworth Flambahe… And who picked up the check? Well that was the interesting part Jerry, Kevin wanted Tony to pick up the tab and Tony wanted to go Dutch. So the waiter just left two checks with some Mexico City jumping bean candy on top…