Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Is it over?

While some of us eagerly await the official press conference, there appears to have finally been a truce in the war ‘O Northern Aggression, as according to My Name is IRL; SPEED’s Robin Miller has broke the news that a Takeover, Err, Merger has finally occurred between the IRL and Champ Car.

And is it just me or isn’t it ironic that Tony George had to fly all the way to England under the guise of going to Scott Dixon’s wedding and now we’re all waiting for Kevin Kalkhoven to return from that very same country…

Now, I’ve gotta crank out some Robin sound bites, Danny! And while I’m all in favour of this ridiculously overdue consolidation of Open Wheel Racing occurring, I’ll be very SAD if Portland goes on the “New ‘N Improved” OWR schedule…

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