Sunday, February 10, 2008


(I’ve got dibs on the bathroom… I don’t feel so good!)

Honey I shrunk the kids… Have you seen my car keys? I’m gonna be late for my meeting with Tony George, he wants to talk (again) about us combining forces with him to save his family jewels, you know that ‘lil sandbox of his over on 16th & Georgetown… Yeah, that’s right, the Brickyard. Well, we’ll see what happens…

Perhaps you’re aware of the latest buzz surrounding the possible ending of the war of Northern Aggression, as Robin Miller has published the story claiming possible unity between ‘lil Napoleon and The Four Moosketeers…

As it happens to be all over the blogosphere as well as the various media outlets that cover such things, although I particularly enjoyed a certain Doubting Thomas’s jaundiced view towards this latest headline… Claiming it was Open Wheel merger number 4,764!!! (And how us CART, err, nee Champ Car tifosi are always good for a laugh after you’ve had a bad day at the office)

Meanwhile, as Tony, Terry Angstadt and Brian Barnhart are winging their way towards Tokyo, chaperoned by Robert Clarke to visit Honda’s corporate boardrooms, Kevin Kalkhoven is going to the loo once again, claiming he still hasn’t gotten the memo…

And seeing that this is the world of Open Wheel racing
And once was the top echelon of motorsports
Here in the land of the free and home of the brave
Well, in all of the excitement
I’ve lost track of how many mergers have been proposed
As you’ve gotta ask yourself
Did I really offer to fix the mess I made 13+ years ago
Well, did I?

Yet, for Open Wheel’s sake, I hope this latest attempt actually happens, as it’s splashed all about the media, including international sites… Which means our paltry (if ANY?) credibility will be even further lambasted if the deal falls thru.

Otay, now Gerry and Kevin, you can each have a chocolate if you let Tony play first with his toys in the sandbox. And don’t worry Paul & Dan; you’ll get a turn after Kevin & Gerry finish playing. But first, everybody take off your shoes and go wash your hands and then come into the living room for some sushi.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotta go kick the dog after writing some more snarky comments about those Oval track single sweater do-gooders, as I think I can hear the sycamore crashing down…

FOUR!!! Quick, has somebody seen my lawn darts? You know that close is only good in horseshoes and hand grenades. Now somebody toss me a biscuit, err, pass me the Saki!

And will somebody please get Kevin some Kleenex so he can blow his nose. Wonder if Tony’s taking any jerky with him for his long flight across the Pacific, eh?