Thursday, January 31, 2008

LeMay adds Star power

I’ve just been informed by No Fenders Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen that “Lone Star JR” (Johnny Rutherford) has joined the Harold Lemay museum’s Board of Directors. This is fantastic news for the museum, which has very ambitious plans to house one of the most amazing private collections of automobiles in a state of the art facility in Downtown Tacoma. The museum plans to break ground in 2008 with first stage construction being completed in 2009 and Opening festivities in 2010…


  1. you are a humongous dork!

    Scott "juicyfruit" Pruett... fuck, quit quoting that shit, dork. As a friend and colleague of Scooter, please STFU.

    NO FENDERS! Yet then I will write articles on the 24!

    Yeah, no fenders sucks ass. When was the last time you saw an open wheel car drive for 24 hours straight? Sports cars rule and open wheel sucks my ass!

  2. Hey Yo Mama!

    What’s the fizzy in Yo dizzy?

    I mean what’s the bee in your bonnet all about? I only refered to Scott “JUICYFRUIT” Pruett as such in case you DON’T recall who one of his latest sponsors is!?! I.e.; Juciy Fruit, a Wrigley gum product...

    And if you’re NOT smart enough to figure out that if a driver gets a nickname from me it’s almost always because I LIKE the person... As I’ve LONG been a fan of “Scooter’s,” starting with his IMSA/Trans Am days with Jack Roush and then always rooting for him in CART with the BUTTWIPER Truesports team...

    I’m also a HUGE fan ‘O Sports Cars as one detailed look around my site would reveal! And as for Mr. Pruett, I think his driving career is very remarkable, just hate seeing him trying to still make his mark in RASSCAR...

    So, give me a break bubbah!