Thursday, January 24, 2008

Captain Quebec rides again

Prior to Christmas, it was revealed that apparently Gerald Forsythe had attempted to throw Champ Car World Series “Super-star” Paul Tracy under the bus, as Mr. Chrome Horn received an email from Neil Mickelwright telling PT to either re-negotiate his current contract or face loosing his ride.

Fortunately cooler heads seem to have prevailed as Sand Dune Tracey flew to Chicago the day after Christmas to meet with Mr. Forsythe to clear the air, with Tracy’s position seemingly helped by making a few collect calls to someone by the name of Tony George…

Thus Forsythe and Tracy have agreed to continue on in Champ Car for (at least) 2008, which should greatly appease the various Canadian promoters, eh?

Forsythe Petitt Racing has vastly revamped its personnel, with Tom Brown coming on board as PT’s engineer at the end of last season. Forsythe has also hired Kenny Siwieck to manage Tracy’s team, as PT says it’s not exactly a secret that he and Mickelwright aren’t on the same page.

You may recall that Siwieck is that annoying voice they’ve played a zillion times telling “Mikey” (Michael Andretti) and the “Hamburgular” (Sebastian Bourdais) to hit there marks… Interestingly, Siwieck was an 18 year employee at Newman Haas Racing.

And I’m wondering if Tracy had any inkling of Tony Cotman’s decision to resign from Champ Car prior to settling this matter? As Tracy’s loyalty to Champ Car seems destined to become a footnote in the series impending demise…