Thursday, January 17, 2008

Willie O’Ree

With the nefarious “Wedge” issue of Race being thrown about by the disgusting corporate megatropolis masquerading as the U.S. Media, I found the following article most interesting

As I was scouring the news wires for topics to scribble about, I accidentally ran across the story of Willie O’Ree, whom was once called the Jacky Robinson of Hockey, as O’Ree was the very first African American to play in a professional Hockey game in 1958.

Yet the amazing part of the story is that O’Ree played at all, since he’d lost his vision in his right eye!

“On Jan. 18, 1958, two years after a deflected puck destroyed his right retina, O'Ree became the league's first black player when he entered a game for the Boston Bruins against the Montreal Canadians at Montreal.”

Yet O’Ree kept this devastating injury a secret during his entire playing career, in order to reach his goal of becoming a professional Hockey player. O’Ree played 45 games for the Boston Bruins and in all of his 21 years of playing; fortunately didn’t have to undergo an eye examination.

O’Ree, who played hockey until the age of 45, is still involved in the sport today, at the age of 72 as the NHL's Director of Diversity programming and will be honoured this weekend when the Boston Bruins face off against the New York Rangers, along with further accolades during the NHL All Star weekend in Atlanta…