Saturday, January 19, 2008

Champ Car Flames Out

I Fell Into A Burning Ring Of Fire

I Went Down, Down, DownAnd The Flames Went Higher

And It Burns, Burns, Burns
The Ring Of Fire

The Ring Of Fire…

(Johnny Cash; The Ring of Fire)

Why does the picture above make me flash back to that cheesy “Bud-Light” commercial of several years ago when they light the miniature hoop on fire for the little poodles to jump thru and the voice sez; “It’s Showtime” as they start the whole thing over again…

And what in the HELL is going on with Champ Car… As I’ve just read Robin Miller’s glowing assessment of the DOOFUSES in charge ‘O Chump Carzs, who’ve brilliantly let Tony Cotman; Executive vice president and race director Resign. As Miller notes;

It’s Titanic time for Champ Car!”

Apparently, many inside the paddock had expected Cotman to fail in his new post as the four “Mooseketeers” were unwilling to let him run the show productively. As Miller notes;

”But he (Cotman) still couldn't overcome the fact his series is run by a couple rich guys who really don't understand television, marketing, driver continuity, people and the nuts and bolts of auto racing.Kalkhoven and Forsythe didn't become wealthy running their businesses like they do Champ Car and why they continue to let Gentilozzi influence their decisions is a mystery to anyone with a brain.

This announcement, which was made on a Friday, when nobody reads the news comes at a time when Champ Car has only three signed drivers for the 2008 season, along with a pathetic car count.

On top of Cotman’s resignation, reigning Champ Car Atlantic’s champion Rafael Matos has forgone his $2 million check for winning last year’s title in favour of signing a multi-year contract with Andretti Green Racing, where Matos will contest the Indy Pro Series next season.

And adding insult to injury, Dan “Speedy Dry” Clarke, who drove for Team Minardi USA in Champ Car last season is now pursuing the second Panther Racing seat in the IRL…

And I never thought I’d say this, but I hope Cotman’ gets hired by Tony George and becomes their new Chief Steward.

Turn out the lights, the party’s over as I think I hear the Fat Lady warming up her vocal chords… SHEISA!!! Perhaps Robosoarus will come visit Champ Cars headquarters in Indiana, eh?


  1. I thought I heard a Champ Car Death Rattle, but must admit I like your more shall I say... "lyrical" version better.

  2. Thanks, I guess... Although I'd prefer for this NOT to happen, having been a fan of CART/Champ Car for a very long time... And the Fat Lady hasn't begun singing just quite yet. Then again, why prolong the inevitable, eh? Although I can't say that the IRL is exactly a shining light either...

  3. I'll take the IRL over CCWS any day of the week for one simple reason...the IRL doesn't allow verbal abuse of it's volunteer labour by it's paid employees with no disciplinary action. That fact alone speaks volumes about the attitude of management at both the IRL and CCWS. God knows, Champ Car doesn't see value in the volunteers that make it's events possible.

  4. Did you see who is sponsoring Milka Duno in the Rolex 24 hour race at daytona?

  5. Hmm, that sounds very disturbing, to hear about CCWS's lack of professionalism towards volunteers which I can only assume play a vital role in their ability to host races. As a long time ago volunteer corner worker I find this comment very disheartening. SHAME ON YOU Champ Car!