Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kubota power

Yes, it’s NOT a name I’m familiar with either. Yet when I was in Minnesota this past July, while awaiting my very first ride aboard a Dodge Viper roadster, (fortunately I didn’t use the bathroom at the airport and run into Larry Craig!) as noted; I checked out some of the “Toy’s” in the owner’s garage, like a Honda CB50 “Mini-scooter” with a CBR500 engine stuffed into the frame as well as a truly unique contraption. A one of a kind built from scratch knee dragger motorcycle.

Yet the amazing thing about this Scooter is that it’s powered by a Kubota diesel tractor motor, hydraulically actuated. Which is no small feat of engineering, since the bike has neither chain nor shaft drive propelling the massive rear wheel, hung on a single sidearm!

I’m told it’s quite the head turner when Mr. Parker makes the rounds at Sturgis…