Monday, January 7, 2008

NOT so Green

What in the HELL is wrong with our BLEEPING Government in Washington DC. Oh Never Mind!!!

But the Sheis-kamfs at the EPA just struck down California’s request for its annual emissions waiver; you know the one that restricts the amounts of those nasty, nauseous, toxic fumes exiting tailpipes…

And I’m quite aware of the irony of going “Green;” Fuel economy vs. Motorsports, yet I fail to understand why there cannot be a balance of responsible, positive changes towards a cleaner environment.

Just note how almost all major racing series are turning “Green” with some sort of initiatives towards this global concern. To date the quickest fix has been the changing of petroleum products to the much vaunted Corn fed Ethanol, with Indy Car running a “100%” mixture; the ALMS has switched to a 50% ethanol blend, while the A1 GP will begin racing with a 30% sugar beet blend at its next round in New Zealand.

Yet our wonderful government has the audacity to NOT grant California the required waiver for stricter tailpipe emissions after doing so for 40 years. As some puppet spouts off ‘bout how we’ve increased the CAFÉ standards to an average of 35mpg by 2020, (Big F’ing Dealoe! As the Auto manufacturers (GM, Ford, Chrysler & Toyota who’ve worked so diligently to BLOCK this for decades) will finally have to do something…)

Thus, I was happy to see that Washington has joined California and 14 other states in suing the federal government for failing to approve stronger regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cars and trucks.

Yet isn’t it nice that we’ve had to get the “$heister’s” involved in filing what I’m sure will be the first of many lawsuits trying to curb NOXIOUS carbon gasses (CO2) which are NOT only bad for the environment they’re also bad for us Humans to inhale!