Monday, January 14, 2008

Williams turns 30

Williams Grand Prix Engineering began celebrating its 30th season in Formula 1 racing today. The team will run a montage of six different liveries during pre-season testing to honour this accomplishment. The team will also contest its 500th Grand Prix this year at Monaco, while Sir Frank Williams will record his 600th entry this season. Williams himself has been in the F1 “Biz” for nearly four decades, as his 39 years will eclipse the record of the late Enzo Ferrari. (1950-88)

Its pretty amazing that Sir Frank has persevered this long in the pinnacle of motor racing, as the only two other entrants I can think of with such enduring runs in Grand Prix are Ferrari and McLaren, although I suppose Renault would argue that they deserve consideration. As you may recall, Renault launched its revolutionary 1.5 liter V-6 turbocharged RS01 chassis in 1977 and raced as a Constructor until 1985. Renault then tasted success as an engine supplier to Williams and Benetton in the 1990’s. Renault bought out the Benetton team in 2001 and returned as a F1 Constructor in 2002…