Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Tomaso Files: A New Year's Dawning, what Will it Bring? And does Anybody Care?

Snowfall's blanketing thou land from Coast-to-Coast, including this Hidden Springs ranch. (The Tomaso Collection)
As I still feel Overworked & Underpaid; Yeah, most definitely underpaid, but suppose that's my Problema, eh? Whilst I simply feel like I never, ever get a break from this Darn Blasted No Fenders BLOB' Thingy'

Nobody Knows What Tomaso Sees'
Nobody Knows but He!
And the White Sidewalls "Eh-Team" Van was Gassed Up 'N ready to G-O!
Mary Ellen had cooked up another batch 'O Delectable Goulash Several Hours ago...
But Tomaso's Moving So SLOW! So S-L-O-W, getting Ready to leave takes Several Hours or Days Before
While Pixie-the Wonderdog says WUF-WUF! Let's G-O!
As the food's gotten Cold from being cooked Several Hours ago...

Uhm, sorry Folks 'but for reasons unknown, a GURR-REAT! Bruce Hornsby's song has been kickin' round my head ever since the Grate Nico! (Rosberg) sealed his fate in everlasting history, by winning the 2016 Formula 1 World Championship! For which A-L-L I can simply say to thou "Golden Child," nee Lewis Hamilton is BUGGER OFF!

As doesn't Turkey-Lurkey' Weekend seem such a long ways ago? But your humble No Fenders scribe Tomaso, who's FREAKIN' BLIND! Right Mary ELLEN? Is also a very S-S-S       LOW   typer! Now where'd the Keyboard G-O; Hya!

Although the lengthy song in Questione titled White Wheeled Limousine is about another topic entirely, for which has nothin' in common with the outcome of the recently concluded Formula 1 season...

Nor am I even remotely inferring any connection to thou Athletes involved; nonetheless, like I said before, Hornsby's proficiency tinclin' thou ivories to this monstrous eleven minutes plus long masterful song, just makes me think of the ceaseless warblings 'O Lewis and his constant Wingeing on 'N on 'bout Nico not being worthy of having BESTED him for overall honours!

The Other Super Bowl...
And speaking 'O warblin' on, I was gonna pontificate 'bout our unseasonably COLD weather here in Seattle, as seriously? SNOW in February? Although it wasn't predicted to start falling until 10PM Pacific, Sunday evening, which means that if for some strange reason Der Clink', nee Century Link Field was hosting Super Bowl LI, the game would have been played in very cold, wet, breezy dripping rain; but I digress...

Although  I did break down 'N listen to the Halftime Entertainment since it featured Lady Gaga, who SuperMario' (Andretti) chauffeured in the 2X Seater at last year's Indy 500. As She ROCKED the Halftime Show! And capped off her performance with one of her few songs I know...

VIDEO: Bad Romance

Yet as typical, the months 'O winter somewhat seem to be blurrin' by, albeit tediously, as I awaited what's become my winter's tradition 'O watchin'; Err listening to copious amounts of the Rolex 24, mostly via Zed Internetz' due to its lack 'O Terrestrial TV Coverage here in Seattle, which I've already lamented upon comca$t's derision towards affording us access to Fox Sports Douche! (FS2)

Since after all, I believe Seattle's the furthest point opposite Florida Stateside, excluding Alaska and Hawaii, eh? So why bother giving us access; Oh Never Mind!

As the 24 Hours of Daytona, billed as IMSA's Weathertech SportsCar Championship's Super Bowl is casted as the motor racing world's season's Kickoff, involving a plethora of past 'N present B-I-G' Name racing drivers spanning the realm of IndyCar & Indy Lights, Formula 1, V8 Supercars and naturally, Sports Cars from both sides of thou Puddle.

Alas, as tradition's go, apparently another blog site's bitten thou Dust? As for reasons unknown, the Boyz' over at Grab Bag Sports seem to have gone silent and unplugged their keyboard's; since there weren't NO Rolex 24 previews or Zany Midnight movie during their once yearly 24hrs Blogathon this year...

Those 'lil Foreign Jobbers...
Perhaps Karmically? I was trying to finish listening to an overdue CD Audiobook simply titled 1776 by David McCullough leading up to this year's race. As it's about the American Revolution, which seems to be repeating itself right now...

Whilst IMSA's experiencing its own revolution with the introduction of the new Prototypes format, the phasing out of the Pro-Am PC Class next year, and the shifting 'O the GTD (Daytona) towards a truly international Auto Manufacturers Playground.

As I failed to give James French a Shout Out in my Rolex 24 Preview tomes, as French raced briefly in Indy Lights last year at Road America, before winning this year's Prototype Challenge (PC) class honours at Daytona.

Whilst you've got to expect reliability issues during new machinery's inaugural race outing, especially during a 24 hours contest, which has become a 24hr Sprint Race! Except when Mother Nature's impeding progress for nearly half the event!

As I simply wanted anybody but the No. 10 car to be victorious, and thus after having almost completed half distance listening, albeit I did putter round quite a bit. Nonetheless, I found it quite amazing that with only 70 minutes remaining, the car that had led for quite awhile saw its lead snatched away by fortuitous timing by its Seester' Caddy #5's Pit-stop.

Returning to racing, Jeremy Shaw SHOUTED NO-NO-NO! THAT'S NOT RACING! Calling out Mike "Ice-Ice, Baby!" Conway's blatant blocking of the No. 10 upon the restart, trying to help it's team's leading No. 5 Cadd-Oh-lac', ultimately to NO Avail, as Ricky Bobby'; Err Taylor gave Filipe Albuquerque the Chrome Horn treatment with some scant six minutes remaining. Employing the traditional 'RASSCAR Bump 'N run en route to victory, besting Albuquerque in a Caddy' 1-2 sweep with the Riley-Multimatic LMP2 Gibson V-8 No. *90 Visit Florida Racing coming home third.

As somehow I doubt that 'Ol Filipe will ever live down his per ponderous comment of Ricky NOT waiting for him following the race, or be invited back?

thankfully, Jeffrey "Pretty Boy" Gordon was pretty humble in regards to his winning effort at Daytona, especially since he just did the minimum two hours drive time. Not to mention a collision upon cold tyres during his first stint..   

Supporting Cast...
And while the Taylor Brothers and Pops' Wayne were reveling in victory during "Max-the-Ax" Angelelli's final race, alongside that RASSCAR guy...

As previously mentioned, the unheralded James French & Co. claimed the final PC Class victory at Daytona aboard Performance Tech Motorsports Oreca FLM09/Chevrolet, ahead of the more touted Buddy "Hot Rod" Rice's Gas Monkey Energy Drinks spec Oreca/Chevy chassis.

And although I'd wanted a Ford GT to win the GTLM (Le Mans) class, for which was a virtual Slug-fest the entire race. With under one hour remaining I found myself rootin' for the lone Prancing Horse of Risi Competizione to hold onto its lead. But with a momentary lapse behind the wheel, with 34mins remaining, Dirk Mueller blasted his way past to give Cheep' another Rolex victory aboard the No. 66 by a scant two-plus seconds with co-drivers Joey Hand and le 'Hamburgular, aka SeaBass, nee Sebastain Bourdais. With Patrick Pilet behind the #911 Porsche's keyboard holding on to second place to the wire ahead of the aforementioned Ferrari 488 GTE.

The GTD class saw seven of its nine marques lead at various stages of the race, with the virtually unheard of Alegra Motorsports pulling off a stunning victory ahead of the much ballyhooed Factory teams, i.e.; Acura, Lexus and Mercedes - when winning by under one second after racing round the clock twice!

As now I can go back t  o        my     typ               in      g rea lly      S-L-OW; Hya! And perhaps my elongated winter's slumber, eh? And is that Darn Blasted SNOW gone yet? As who'd Ah Thunk I-T? That You'd be looking forward to some rain; Now if I could only see what I'm doing...

Original Song lyrics from:
Bruce Hornsby
Song: White Wheeled Limousine
Album: Hot House
Year: 1995