Tuesday, February 21, 2017

AUTOS: London Motor Museum - Mr. Bean

The famous Mr. Bean's Mini, replete with folding chair upon its roof. (The Tomaso Collection)

The vehicle pictured above may/may not still be on display. As these pictures were taken during last Summer; August, 2016...

Year: 1976
Make: British Leyland Corp
Model: Mini 1000
Engine: 1.0-litre (998cc) Inline 4-cylinder
Transmission: 4-Speed Manual/Automatic (5-Speed Manual optional)
Layout: Front Wheel Drive/front engine
Horsepower: 39bhp @ 4,750RPM*
Top Speed: N/A

(Horsepower figure taken from 1978 Mini 1000 Specs; closest info I could discern)

Sir Alec Issigonis designed the legendary Morris Mini-Minor for the British Motor Corporation, debuting in 1959 - spanning countless model variations built in multiple countries until its production ended in 2000.

The original Mini has been subsequently replaced by BMW's very successful, modern, current adaptation, which began production in 2001.

Having never seen, listened to or heard any of the Mr. Bean episodes, I'll not try describing the show, other than I'm told I-T exhibits that classical British Wit!

Reportedly the show began its five year run on British television January 1, 1991, and during Season One Mr. Bean's automobile was an orange 1969 Mini MkIII, which was demolished in an off-camera accident after episode-one.

Thus Mr. Bean resorted to a green with black bonnet 1976 Mini 1000 for the duration of the show - finishing on December 15, 1995, hence presumably the vehicle in the photograph above, since it's replete with chair strapped to its roof, from which the aforementioned Mr. Bean drove said vehicle! As well as apparently getting dressed inside his Mini and countless other clever pranks...

(Photo Courtesy of Clarity Pictures)