Thursday, February 16, 2017

Memo Gidley continues making Headway on his long recovery

It's so refreshing to hear somebody's exuberance over the simple daily tasks 'O life...

Just prior to this year's Rolex 24 at Daytona International Speedway, believe I must have been perusing's website to see who'd won Pole for this year's race when coming across the good news.

And although in some typically brilliant ryth-Muh-tickin', your humble No Fenders scribe Tomaso apparently carried the one too many places; Hya! When I first scribbled my thoughts about the unheralded CART/IndyCar Driver some two-plus years ago after appearing on an episode of Speed Freaks, proclaiming I'd heard of Memo 24yrs ago.

As I scribbled previously, I first became aware of Gidley's Open Wheel Racing prowess Wayback in Twenty-oh-One when he was  driving for Chip Ganassi's Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) entry.

And although I didn't witness this horrendous Sports Car accident, since I'd never followed Grand Am racing 'cept for the yearly 24 Hours outing at Daytona.

Yet somehow I either missed the race, and most definitely missed this horrifying accident for which Memo's truly lucky to have "Walked Away" from, albeit he's been thru countless surgeries over a very long three year recovery period! Nonetheless, The Freaks have kept in contact with him ever since.

Thus I was hoping that The Freaks would find time to interview Memo during their now yearly outing to the Rolex 24, for which I can say they indeed did, and it's another GURR-REAT! Interview which I recommend Y'all listening to.

As Kudos to Speed Freaks for keeping Memo Gidley on our radar's the past three years! As he's one of the Nice Guys who deserves recognition.

As you can check for the latest news on Memo Gidley's website by clicking Here