Monday, February 20, 2017

Engine Engine; Err PU Who's your Customer?

And just how many vaunted customers will there be in 2017?

Was gonna Date Thyself with some witty Childhood Conjunction Conjunction TV revelry... As it's almost that time again, when Formula 1 cranks up Thar Bloody lumps', nee engines; Err PU's Mates! With the first Winter Test 'O 2017 commencing in a week's time.

As this year unfortunately, we're back to a paltry ten F1 Teams on the grid, since I haven't heard of any last minute saviours rescuing Manor Racing.

Thus we're left with four bonafied Power Unit manufacturers this season, in alphabetical order: Ferrari, Honda, Mercedes and Renault.. As Tag-Heuer and a rebadged le Reggie PU to possibly be named later? Don't count in my book.

While Ferrari plays Ketsup to its Top-2 rivals Mercedes and Red Bull in the Horsepower War for its Factory Squad, Maranello will only provide brand new Power Units to customer Haas F1 this year, with longtime la Scuderia customer Sauber taking a powder this season, most likely in order to save cash, by running 2016-spec Ferrari PU's in the back of their C36's.

While the race heats up to see who'll be bolting their Power Unit to Sauber's backside come 2018, although my money's still on Honder'

Inquiring Minds wanna Know if McLaren-Honda can return to mimic some variety of their Glory Days this season? As believe Hondres' redesigned their PU again, as new  recruit Stoffel Vandoorne's itching to push "Fredrico Suave" (Fred Alonso) for potential Podiums this season. As now all we need to know is what colour the cars will be...

With Manor Racing's unfortunate departure from the grid, Mercedes Benz will only be supplying two customers it's A-L-L conquering PU, with Force India leading the way, whilst Team Willy', nee Williams tries to overtake those pesky, upstart Silverstone lads.

Although, once again, it appears that the entire field will be chasing the Silver Arrows "Werks" squad for W's. As Mercedes has blitzed to competition the past three seasons, Ja Volt!

Whilst mighty le Reggie' V-8 normally aspirated lumps' once won four consecutive world championship titles propelling Red Bull circa 2010-13 seasons, as we A-L-L know, once Red Bull went off the boil with the start of the Power Unit era, the Honeymoon was definitely over, before Deeter Majestik found himself in a Wee pickle with nobody wishing to give him shiny, current PU's for the 2016 F1 season.

Thus the B-I-G' BULLZ came crawling back to Renault and have since smoothed thingys' over with the advent of Red Bull's engine naming rights being sold to Tag-Heuer. Not to mention Renault's power output improving, with the A' Team winning twice last year.

Meanwhile the 'lil Bulls, aka Toro Rosso are reputedly set to strike a similar naming Dealio' in order to generate more income this year when they return to the fold with current specification Renault customer units.

Which just leaves the Factory Squad searching vainly to improve their chassis, presumably why they've just poached Red Bull's Pete Machin to become their new Aerodynamics Chief Wee-Wee! As it'll be interesting to see who comes out on top of this Ménage le  Reggie...