Monday, February 20, 2017

T Minus-7'

It's almost time to G-O Winter Testing...

Today marks one week until the new 2017 Formula 1 season kicks off in earnest, albeit with just testing going mostly unnoticed Stateside, with questions abounding over the new racecars.

Testing will once again be held in Barcelona, Spain, site of this year's two vaunted F1 Winter 4-day Tests. The first commencing from February 27 to March 2, and the second and final four days between March 7-10 before the shiny new F1 chassis get shipped Down Under.

As Y'all can persue; Err, that's what the entire field's doing in regards to thou Silver Arrows... As I meant Yuhs can peruse the following Sky Sports link for A-L-L the Nitty-Gritty info regarding the upcoming season...

Whilst I've got ZERO Clue upon whether or not la Scuderia, nee Ferrari will continue persuing their attempts to thwart rivals latest trick suspensions...

Meanwhile, this week is  New Car  launch time, as apparently Sauber will now be the first to reveal their 2017-spec F1 chassis, albeit don't be fooled if A-L-L the teams don't fully reveal their final 2017 car 'til scrutineering's held in Bloody Melbourne, for the March 24-26 race weekend Mates!

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