Monday, February 6, 2017

F1: Manor goes Dark again, this time for Good?

"It's a shame, such a shame
A red-headed wildflower in the wrong garden".

Sorry Folks, but for somewhat obvious reasons, I've got Australia, Mates! Upon My Noggin' right now, having delved into Thy Wayback' machine the past few weeks now, sampling copious amounts 'O  Little River Band songs. And this 'lil gem's choruses phrase: It's a Shame" naturally made me think of the unfortunate news surrounding Manor Racing.

And although perhaps they're quietly muttering I Told You So! (Mr. Fitzpatrick) I have Zero Doubts that original Manor; Err Virgin Racing F1 Team Founders John Booth and Graeme Lowdon are pleased One Iota over the demise of their past racing team, and especially for A-L-L of the Staff's losses!

As it seems so long ago now when Booth & Lowdon both abruptly resigned, reputedly due to the new bosses funding plan, which both men felt was unsustainable...

Whilst new F1 Sporting Boss Ross Brawn is already blatherin' on 'bout revisiting F1 Budget Caps, which although sound in theory, I don't think will ever happen.

Since now A-L-L of Max Mosley's "Bargain- Basement" Budget Cap formula 2010 Cosworth Customer Teams are gone, that model's obviously broken...

As I'll miss this Spunky 'lil Red-Headed Minnowesqe F1 Team, 'cause  it's truly A Shame!

Partial Red-Headed Wildflower Song lyrics by:
Little River Band
Song: Red-Headed Wildflower
Album: Sleeper Catcher
Year: 1978