Monday, February 20, 2017

F1: Sauber leads the way in 2017 F1 Car launches...

The new look Sauber C36 debuts first during this year's F1 Car launches, Sorta. (Image source:

Probably the only time Sauber will lead the pack this year...

As several of the F1 Teams were playin' the 'Ol Shell game; Err Poker? I'll see Yuhs 'N raise our launch a day earlier... Thus the struggling Backmarker Sauber, who knocked Manor Racing off the grid, will be the first to unveil the new, radical look "Wider's Better" 2017 Formula 1 chassis today, presumably at their Switzerland base.

Well, that was the claim upon the good 'Ol Intrawoods', prior to Team Willy knocking Sauber off of P1 in the dying moments of this year's Qualie' Q1 Car launch Wars. As Williams threw down upon the 'lil Hinwil Formula 1 Squad 48hrs previously.

As why is that 'Ol how many licks to get to thou centre 'O a Tootsie Roll; Err F1 Car launch coming to mind? And just what constitutes a "proper" F1 Car launch these days?