Monday, February 13, 2017

INDYCAR: Phoenix Testing goes largely Unnoticed...

Huh? Indy Cars actually ran in "Anger" this past weekend, and the Nation's talking 'bout I-T; Uhm, what's that 'bout Queen Danica's sponsorship woes over whether or not RASSCAR's' Diva will run at DayToner, say I-T isn't so...

Otay, so I'm probably like 0.000031974x; Err what's that answer for the equation Pie? As I found I-T somewhat Bemusing how there was nary a Peep 'bout IndyCar testing this weekend via A-L-L of my usual News sources that I peruse Daily via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service. Since I enjoy taking a break from le Confuzer and simply letting somebody else do the reading, which I guess is one of my small perks 'O being Blind...

As I'm just left chucklin' quietly over A-L-L Dat Blather 'bout how IndyCar TV Ratings are rising, and IndyCar's getting Better; Chirp-Chirp, Bueller?

As neither the Indianapolis Star or Reuters had a solitary word 'bout the just completed weekend's outing at Phoenix International Raceway the entire weekend. Uhm, ok, surely the Arizona Republic will have some Fluff piece, right?

No? Well then surely; Hey DON'T Call Me Shirley! Botta-Boom, Botta-Bing! Uhm, the Arizona Associated Press Sports section will have Somme-thun', eh? Oh Yeah, forgot that's Taxicab country; YEEHAW!

And last but Not least, surely's IndyCar section will have a daily recap... Are those Crickets I hear chirping in Avondale?

Yeah, I know it's only the first test session of the year, but like WTF? Them Open Wheel Racing cars haven't been seen or heard since last September 18th, nearly five months ago!

Thus after not being able to find Juan' Bloody printed word anywheres' Friday via traditional news sources, I finally relented and went to IndyCar's Offical' website Saturday morning, for which the following reports were gleamed. And yes,'s website's stories by Mark Robinson did alert me to the fact that everythingy' was available via live streaming; yet not only did I not bother, but I'll forgo digressing into the difficulties of navigating their website as a visually impaired Keyboard Warrior...

Not surprisingly, a Penske Bowtie-powered Dallara led the Time Sheets in Friday's first Day session, albeit somewhat surprising that it was the No. 2 with brand new Team Penske recruit Josef Newgarden leading the way, who'll have DJ WillyP's (Will Power) longtime Strategist Tim Cindric on top of the Nashvillian's Box this season.

Friday's evening test session #2 saw Marco Andretti of Andretti Autosport leading a brace 'O Hondres' at the front. As that's my Aussie vernacular for the REAL Voice of IndyCar on thou Telie', nee Peacock-lite's (NBCSN) Leigh Diffey Mates! Like move over Kevin Lee...

Saturday's third test, and the second Daytime running saw Captain America' put the Fuzzy-Wuzzy mobile at the pointy end. As J.R. Hildebrand, who was P4 in Friday's day session improved to P1 with a blistering lap speed of 193+ mph!

And then the Flip-flopping continued, with the Honda's once again leading the second evening and final test session with "the Dude!" Nee Ryan Hunter-Reay or simply RHR claiming P1 for Mikey A's four car squad. As reportedly they were running in "race trim" mode.

Twenty-one Fulltime entrants took part in the two-day test, with the most glaring absence being last year's KVSH Racing, which saw their former driver le 'Hamburgular, aka SeaBass, nee Sebastain Bourdais's move to Dale Coyne Racing look quite smart.

As the Frenchman who collected a Rolex wrist piece for Cheeps' (Ganassi) winning Ford GT effort at Daytona, was the most notable name mixing I-T up with the B-I-G' BOYS, a la Penske, Andretti and Ganassi both days, with Top-10 finishes in all four sessions.

But like Bourdais said, it's just testing and things will definitely change when they return at the end of April to run the race, when conditions will be a lot HOTTER!