Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Poor Red Bull apparently Shot its Ox...

Ooh, poor Red Bull... Like how in Tar nations can Yuhs be so Arrogant to cancel your existing engine supply without having another  one lined up 'Deeter? As Bully for you, as may a thousand Camels; Uhm, NO disrespect meant to Camels here; Hya!

Although a Camel to traipse about thy MUD at Circuit Of The Americas this past weekend would have been most welcomed!
but seriously, is this the theatre Formula 1 wishes to be presenting right now? As may be art thoust will have learneth something from my recent screening of Benedict Cumberbatch's performance in Hamlet,

Which thoust not only took over 87% of England's B-I-G' SCREENS, but also was broadcasted round thy Universe Thursday evening, October 15th, in what was a truly epic production!

As Shakespeare seems overtly daft for F1 right now, albeit not sure who's cast in the role of Juliet? As Uncle Bernaughty certainly AIN'T NO Romeo, whilst Art Thou  hopeth Barn Door hitteth Deeter Majestik squarely on Art thoust!

Seriously? How could Red Bull be so audacious to think it could make Messer Bernard Ecclestone or the requisite engine manufacturers Cow-tow to their very whims?

Yet To Be, or Not To Be...

that is thoust My Questione over whether or NOT Art thou micro-SOFT win-DOUGhs 10 will let thy publish this Post, and Dayeths' past or Not?

Meanwhile, Sauber's "Broom Hilda" says Red Bull should simply accept whatever PU "Treat" they can get, after A-L-L their Tricks with Renault...