Sunday, October 25, 2015

Austin 2014: Running with the Bulls!

These pictures were taken by Austin Hostess Nelie when we attended last year's Most Excellante' Red Bull F1 Street Demonstration Run on Congress Avenue.

And still cannot believe the city allowed a Formula 1 car to race up 'N down one of its main city streets with just minimal guardrail protection! As Austin blocked off 4-blocks of Downtown traffic for 2hrs.

Although at least this was one of Chris Horner's  preferred Regie's; Hya! As it definitely was from the Renault Quadruple championship winning normally aspirated 2.4-liter V-8 era...

Red Bull F1 race car close-up going south on Congress Ave. (The Tomaso Collection)
Say Cheese!

Red Bull F1 car going north towards Capitol building. (The Tomaso Collection)
Raging Bull races towards Capitol!

Red infinity Eau Rouge Roadster going south with a little "Smoke On!" (The Tomaso Collection)
Infinity's Eau Rouge

Red Bull  Formula 1 car making Donut. (The Tomaso Collection)
Watching Daniel Ricciardo making Doughnuts - Capitol building behind us, where the turnaround area was

Red Infinity Eau Rouge "Demo Car" enveloped in tyre burning cloud of smoke from lurking nearby F1 car! (The Tomaso Collection)
Lost in Translation. Picture taken from Far south on Congress Ave.

(All Photos Courtesy of Austin Hostess Nelie)