Monday, October 19, 2015

FIA Revises 2016 F1 Calendar along with Next year's testing schedule and Rules

By now, Y'all have heard of the FIA moving the monstrous 21-race calendar for next year forward to its more traditional starting date, with Formula 1 now slated to Kick Off Down Under in Bloody Oz on March 20th.

This revised calendar, with the season originally intended to begin in Melbourne on the relatively late date of April 3rd means the F1 teams must not only push forward their production schedules, but Pre-season testing also moves forward a week's time to February 22-25.

Lastly, the FIA has also done some rules tidying for next year's show, although cannot say I'm very excited 'bout needing to turn U-P the volume on the Turbocars. Which is exactly what's apparently happened with the addition of a sound emitting waste gate regulation as part of the rule changes.

As I rather like their muted tones, especially since Y'all know Blind People have Super Hearing; Hya! As I know it AIN'T the DEAFENING ROAR 'O Yesteryear, but. Me Thinks this new era of Hybrid technology should fully differentiate itself from the Old Cars...