Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Off to see Rossi and The Boyz'

Alexander Rossi asking No Fenders head scribe Tomaso what he thinks 'bout Herbie the Love Bug's No. 53 for his racecar at Austin? (The Tomaso Collection)
Hey Yuhs Racing Fans; how come your not raptured in Football or Duh Chase; Hya! As lookie Thar', "Justin-time" for Claudio & Maw's annual Trek to the Formula 1 race at Austin's Circuit Of The Americas this Oct 23-25. Came word just over a month out that American F1 hopeful - that some Smart Feller' rubbed elbows; Err got his picture taken with last October at thy 'Wee Willie Buxom's, nee NBC Sports F1 Pitlane Reporter Will Buxton's yearly B-I-G' Time Bash charity outing for Austin's Meals on Wheels - would finally be racing in Formula 1!

As Alexander Rossi, who just celebrated his 24th birthday (Sept 25) during the Japanese Grand Prix weekend, becomes only the 4th Yank' to race in F1 in the last 30yrs - with I-T being 8yrs since the last great American driver Scotty "The Goose!" Speed drove for the 'lil Bulls, nee Scuderia Toro Rosso.

While Rossi made his debut for proverbial Tail-gunner Charlie's Manor Marussia F1 at Singapore, September 20th, having chosen the No. 53 for his "Personal" (Car) number - before finishing ahead of his more established team-mate Will Stevens in his first two Formula 1 races, including his maiden outing at Suzuka.

Karmically, whilst the young Californian has apparently Quipped 'bout the number's association with Herbie the Love Bug, prior to this announcement I read of Herbie's chauffer having passed away...

Ironically, Rossi was slated to make his Formula 1 debut for Marussia first at Spa for Max Chilton & then possibly Sochi, Russia - the race following Suzuka, (Japan) where tragically Jules Bianchi had his horrific Shunt and ultimately died after hitting a safety vehicle crane during last October's Japanese GP - before dying in hospital after never awakening from being in a Coma for 9mos!

As Rossi, who'd moved from Caterham to Marussia F1 as its reserve driver, was on the actual entry list for car No. 42(?) at Sochi and took part in a track walk Thursday before the team elected to enter only one car at Sochi - with Bianchi's parked in the garage all weekend long - before the team went into Administration following the Russian Grand Prix.

Thus Marussia missed the final 3-races last year, seeing Alexander being a reserve driver for two failed teams in one season! Only for Marussia to return very late this Pre-season under new management, as ironically, Rossi's Racing Engineering GP2 team-mate is named Jordan King, whose father Justin is part of the Manor management team.

Justin King was previously the CEO of J Sainsbury Plc in Jolly 'Ol England between 2004-14, as I believe Sainsbury is one of their 'Mega Grocery Stores, right Mates?

As Jordan's father was even rumoured to be in the running to replace someone I call hear at No Fenders Uncle Bernaughty, nee Messer Charles Bernard Ecclestone - who not only said NO way Buster, but is holding on grimly with both hands as F1 Czar for life!

Hmm? Let's S-E-E! Lewis Hamilton's making a mockery outta this year's F1 championship and Shuhzamm! Instant interest Ah-plenty over a Yank' racing in his home race; Co-inky-dense?

And there Y'all have I-T Folks, as I'll leave Y'all with another batch 'O bottled; Err canned stories; Uhm? Where'd they go, Hooah; Oh Never Mind!