Monday, October 19, 2015

Button Staying, Teams swapping PU's and Drivers casting about...

'R, we're into what seemingly is Akin to what Ishmael of Moby Dick fame notes  as the lifeless trade winds wherest thou Palm trees and Sails alike hang limp like fawn's - as we enter the final stretch 'O four-races remaining on the Formula 1 calendar.

As surely Lewis Hamilton will be crowned world champion again, perhaps as early as this weekend's race in Austin? When he'll be joining the elite group of back-to-back F1 world champions which includes his Hero Ayrton Senna.  Having already appropriately tied Senna's career wins tally at Suzuka, whilst he'll drive level on championship titles with three apiece.

Thus, hopefully A-L-L of the Huffing and Puffing over threatening to Quit verbiage will cease - and Formula 1 can get back to plying the calm aqua waters of thy Pacific Ocean with its Sails fully Ah-fluff; Aye Mateys!

As it'll be good for the sport, and more importantly to have Bloody "JENSE on the grid one more year, even if at Kevin Magnussen & runaway GP2 championship leader Stoffel Vandoorne's expense.

As Button will become only the sport's third ever F1 driver to crack the 300-starts tally next year, joining All-time starts leader 'Rubino (Rubens Barrichello) 322 and the withering 'DER TERMINATOR, nee Michael Schumacher's 307, the only record the German doesn't currently hold.

'Thar, Thar, Thar She Blows!

Meanwhile hopefully le Reggie will get down to business and turn around their floundering ship with the third incarnation of a Renault "Works" effort in the modern era, excluding being an engine supplier or somewhat intertwined with the Gerard Lopez's Lotus-Renault Super XP-Calladrocious effort.

Having scribbled labourisly about Renault, who won the very first ever Grand Prix race in 1906 and the other "Frenchies" 'Wayback in;

Which just leaves us to ponder the wind Ah-blowin' from the B-I-G' BULLZ and indirectly her Seester' team, the 'lil Bulls, aka Red Bull & Toro Rosso respectively, not to mention all of the Hot Air coming from the leviathan simply known as Uncle Bernaughty...

Although it'll be too bad seeing the iconic black & gold disappear from the grid - I'm guessing the Canary yellow 'O Renault will be refreshing?

As I'll confess I'm more interested in the 2016 F1 Challengers, while I still can't understand why we cannot get to 13 fully funded F1 Teams; Oh Never Mind - Aye Mateys!