Monday, October 12, 2015

NBC Sports Network says Nyet' to Sochi F1 Replay...

May be Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen has an insightful point 'bout how NOBODY cares in Americre' about F1?

Yeah, so I'll probably come across as a Grumpy 'Ol Man, but I've just got two words to say to the "Powers to Be" at NBCSN:


As I was extremely Torqued Off Sunday morning at the published hour of 9AM Pacific, for which my TV Guide claimed would be the re-airing of the Russian Grand Prix which was shown "live" at 3-FREAKIN' 30AM here on the West Coast; SHEISA! Especially since I'd stayed UP 'til midnight watching that Oh, So Riveting Qualie replay...

Thus imagine my DISGUST when Rick Allen's RASSCAR Roundy-round Clucking; Err  cooing voice came thru my Telies' speakers at 9AM for a re-airing 'O Countdown to The Green; NO KIDDING! How Apropos, eh? Like Show Us the Money! Followed by a Three Hour Cruise; Err rebroadcast 'O the FREAKIN' Chase, round two; BARF!

As I've included the link above just to prove I'm NOT going completely stark raving mad! As I do NOT want to hear or read one filthy 'lil word 'bout poor TV ratings or attendance at this year's USGP! Since what was A-L-L that bluster 'bout Indy Cars NOT wanting to coronate a champion in the middle 'O night - like how many people do you expect to get up at 3:30AM for the F1 race preceding the lone U.S. outing; but I digress!

As why in tar nations would NBCSN be so Flippant to pull an 'Ol Switcheroo of such monstrous proportions? After all the FUCKING Chase race was Saturday night, with rest of the days broadcast schedule being Chock 'Ohblock of  Equestrian, Late Models, (Modifieds) Tractor Pullin', Oh wait for I-T! NASCAR Victory Lane the Day after Adnauseum REPEAT 48; Yeehaw! Mecom Auctions and then Bicycling from Norway NO less! With one whole hour devoted to GP2 stuck in the middle...

Or maybe I should just wait up 'til the broadcasting 'O the missing Carol Burnett episodes? "Ray-Ray," (Ray Charles), "Bongo Head," (Phil Collins) Shocking Snoring Cures, Totally Fit Gym - Chuck Norris & Christie Brinkley or NASCAR Victory Lap three times in a row...

As surely this Shoddiness of thy Pinnacle 'O Motorsports in America would make you want to by the series, right? As NO wonder Uncle Bernaughty's been teasing' us 'bout selling Formula 1 again, eh? As I'd wanna get my Moohlah outta F1 too!

Now why am I going A-L-L the way to Austin, Texas once again for the fourth year in-a-row? And why should I give a Tinkers Damn if  F1's TV Ratings are falling and NOBODY cares 'bout F1 anymore? Especially since the JACKALOPES at NBCSN have insolated themselves with NASCAR 24/7; Oh Never Freakin' Mind!

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