Sunday, June 20, 2010


Whale I haveda say I had mixed emotions watching today’s Iowa Cornfeast Indy Car race... And not because it was an Oval, but because it was on Father’s Day which for nearly a Quarter of a Century I spent celebrating at Portland International Raceway by watching first the Glory Dazes of CART and then later the last gasp efforts of Champ Car... Which I’ll keep chronicling until IndyCar rightfully returns to Portland, albeit I suspect it’ll never get its traditional Father’s Day date back, eh? But HELL! I just wanna Indy Car race that’s les then a day’s travel away... Oh Never Mind!

And even though today now moves a sad statistic one race further... I have to say it was pretty amazing how much I was shouting TONY-TONY-TONY! (Kanaan) Who hadn’t won a race in 34 events, since Richmond, 2008, another venue removed from the Indy Racing League’s calendar... Although it now means it’s been 51 Oval races since somebody other then AGR, Penske or TCGR has won; SHEISA! Can you say BORING? We Miss Yuhs Ed “Fuzzy” Carpenter, as wouldn’t that have been kOOL if Edwardo had beaten that Pesky Ryan Briscoe back in Kentucky last August...

And I guess it’s a good thing that we weren’t in Portland today? As its been another traditional Pacific Northwest weekend... As in what are Friday’s followed by? Two days ‘O RAIN! Aye Karumba! Although at least unlike Ovals, when the wet stuff comes down at PIR, they simply put on those treaded tyres and keep on rolling as the wheels on an IndyCar go round ‘N round at Portland!

But hey! At least Versus was kind enough to play a video snippet of ‘Ol Mario nipping son Mikey for a victory on Father’s Day at Portland International Raceway circa 1986...

Portland’s Centennial
So congrats to TK for following your Schnoz... As Toucan Sam sez; “Your Schnoz always knows!” Hmm? Perhaps I’m goin’ into the Wayback machine here, eh? As I’m afraid Mikey’s outfits gonna stay as AGR to me for a longtime as I just can’t get used to Andretti Autosport, while ironically the funniest part of the broadcast was the battling “Eathan-Nall” producers... Now pass me another piece ‘O corn, eh? As I even tried to buy some for this weekend’s BIG ‘Roundy-round race but all they had was white corn ‘N corn dogs!