Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Portland International Raceway getting The Shaft again from Indy Car?

So I was going to stay away from the Blogosphere today, but... Unfortunately I ran across a new Indy Car Blog story proclaiming how the Captain may be flexing his muscles and the Powers-to-Be could be contemplating adding Detroit’s NO PASSING ZONES Belle Isle back into the mix of 2011 Indy Car events? URGH!

Will somebody out there please tell me why Indy Car continues to give Portland International Raceway The COLD Shoulder...

As in I just DON’T GET IT! As I’ve already written to Mr. Bernard, Portland is centered between two extremely large market places, i.e. Washington and California, as I know that the past CART/Champ Car events attracted people from these two states plus Vancouver, BC and Oregon, as Indy Car continues to ignore the Pacific Northwest!

And as I’ve said before, I DO NOT want to hear that it’s because of Portland’s low attendance figures... Since we were simply to savvy to put up with the watered down versions of Champ Car or the IRL and simply got fed up with something known as The Split! Besides, if I’m not mistaken; Homestead isn’t exactly a Mega attendance event, eh?

And even better yet, Indy Car along with its Title Sponsor IZOD are seriously missing out with a Bonanza of Open Wheel Racing History, and could even tie it in with a belated 100th Anniversary celebration...

Portland’s Centennial

And although the future Formula 1 home of the USGP has now been announced as Austin, Texas beginning in 2012, nevertheless veteran F1 “Journo” Joe Saward really “ROCKED” My World back in March with his flattering comments towards Portland International Raceway as a potential F1 venue, albeit noting how Indy Car has overlooked the event...

The US Grand Prix – where do we go from here?