Monday, June 14, 2010

Montreal Melodies

Whale that certainly was a way better race then Turkey, eh?

And there’s just too DAMN much to scribble ‘bout as always... So I’m hoping to have a Formula 1 and Le Mans recap written up shortly... As I realize it’s been a little while since my last riveting F1 Race Report...

Yet SPEED seemingly got great mileage outta Canada’s Pamela Anderson having been on hand during the last Grand Prix on Il Notre Dam in 2008, when I’m still convinced that Lewis Hamilton purposely rammed the Kimster as Messer’s Raikkonen and the young “Louise’s” pal Robert Kubica sat parked at the end of the Pit lane at the Red light that Kimi quickly pointed out to Hamilton as they walked away from the wreckage...

As this would ensure BMW Sauber’s one and only F1 victory, along with The Krakow Kid’s (Kubica) maiden GP victory, enroute leading then teammate “Quick Nick” Heidfeld home for a record 1-2 finish for the ex-Peter Sauber racing team.

And recall it was Circuit Gilles Villeneuve where Kubica had his nasty looking accident when his BMW F1.07 went airborne and splintered into a massive amount of debris in which the Pole was fortunate to walk away with only a sprained ankle and mild concussion! For which some Teenager named Vettel made his Grand Prix debut at the following weeks final USGP at Indianapolis as Kubica’s substitute. After having been fined for speeding in the Pit lane during Friday practice, the 19yr old German then simply went on to score his maiden GP point by finishing eighth.

And speaking of Hamilton, the Brit claimed his first Pole Position of the season and broke the Red Bull’s stranglehold upon P1, as it was Lewis’s 18th Pole in only his 61st race start...

Meanwhile it appears that NONE of those furry critters were harmed during this weekend’s “KuhNaidiun” GP production!

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